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Rave Reviews for Hannah and the Dread Gazebo

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

"Standout", "comedic grace", "truly the woman with a thousand faces", "nimble comedic chops", "marvelous", "supremely versatile"...

"A huge round of applause must be given to the talented Ko, who plays so many roles in this production, that I lost count... It is remarkable to see her transform, many times making a quick costume change in a darkened corner of the stage, and emerging out of the shadows a short time later as an entirely new character. Ko is truly the woman with a thousand faces."

~Siskiyou Daily

Hannah is a short play and moves fast, in large part thanks to the performances by Cindy Im and Jessica Ko... Ko plays more characters than I could count, from the grandmother to a nurse to Kim Jong-Il. She's excellent in each role. Her reappearances become a welcome sight and her jokes leaven what could otherwise be dreary scenes only meant to move the story forward."

~Willamette Week

"Hilarious, thanks in large part to the nimble comedic chops of Jessica Ko, who moves seamlessly between the role of every foil the family faces, from nurses, to clerks, to a South Korean army officer convinced Hannah's grandmother was a spy."

~Rogue Valley Messenger

"Marvelous Shapeshifter Jessica Ko... standout... the supremely versatile Ko"

~Seattle Gay News

"Jessica Ko takes on many roles as the Shapeshifter, which serves to fuel that sort of magical feel of the play... Ko plays the part beautifully-- from the sassy retirement home receptionist to Kim Jong-Il, Ko transforms swiftly from one to another, contributing such comedic grace to each role that I quickly forgot that one actor was playing every single role."

~The Stanford Daily

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